The Clariact EQ Intervention –
supporting agile teams

Clariact offers training and coaching interventions to enhance the performance of teams in IT and other environments. Clariact’s facilitators use a unique combination of expertise, skills and tools – called the Clariact EQ Intervention – to help clients to identify the obstacles that keep teams from moving forward and to implement customised solutions to help the team members to perform optimally.

Clariact is typically contracted to optimise the performance of teams in the follow contexts:

  • IT environment: Complex and volatile IT environments
  • Team integration: Organisations struggling with team integration as a result of mergers, restructuring, job cuts, etc.
  • Team performance: Companies that do not reach their targets
  • Entrepreneurial environment: Start-ups that need to transition from an entrepreneurial to a mature phase
  • Incentives: Companies that wish to reward team work and strengthen team cohesion to take performance even further

In essence, Clariact helps organisations to become sustainable based on the performance and wellbeing of their employees as individuals as well as team players. Clariact has a proven track record of performance enhancement in software development environments that use Agile methodologies.

Founded in 2001 and headed by Elsa Simpson, Clariact provides services to companies and corporates all over South Africa and beyond. The company is based in the northern suburbs of Cape Town.

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