Clariact’s services include Supporting agile teams, Training Organic ScoreCard© coaches, Individual coaching, Individual counselling, EAPs and workshops.


The role of agile teams in organisational performance

Clariact helps companies and corporates to enhance the performance of their teams. In particular, Clariact’s interventions support self-directed teams working within Agile methodologies.

The Agile methodologies presuppose Emotional Intelligence (as defined by Manfred Kets de Vries) and complex thinking in order to function optimally in fast-moving teams operating in volatile, high-pressure environments. Some of the barriers that block the success of Agile methodologies and that hamper the coherence of teams are encountered at the level of the individual. This is why Clariact has designed an intervention specifically aimed at helping people to make the shift from simple, linear thinking (‘waterfall thinking’) to complex thinking.

Clariact’s skilled facilitators help organisations to optimise their performance by working with both individuals and teams to make the shift from “disconnected work” to working within multi-disciplinary, self-organising and high-performing teams. Ultimately, these interventions are aimed at creating teams that are dynamic, robust and agile – with team members who are self-aware, emotionally intelligent and flexible. This will prepare team members to make full use of Agile rituals.

Tools and techniques

To achieve this, Clariact uses various tools, methodologies and wisdoms based on years of experience and learning. Among others, Clariact uses the Organic ScoreCard© (OSC), which is tool developed by an IT specialist-cum-psychoanalyst to map the inherent life strategies, gifts, driving forces and growth possibilities of individuals and teams based on increased self-awareness and collective awareness. Clariact’s basic premise is that individual growth will enhance team growth, and vice versa. That is why we work with individuals to awaken their self-awareness as well as with teams to increase their collective awareness. We also utilise leadership development interventions to dovetail with the team and organisational potential and growth.

The Clariact EQ Intervention: Cultivating EQ to facilitate organisational change

Clariact enhances the ability of people to operate in an environment that uses Agile methodologies. However, to operate efficiently in Agile methodologies, people require Emotional Intelligence.

To help people to acquire EQ, awareness and related skills, we use the Clariact EQ Intervention, which is a unique combination of well-researched diagnostic tools and skills aimed at personal and professional growth. Through this intervention, people are taken on individual and team journeys to increase their awareness and to become more authentic. This allows them to enhance their individual and team output, leading to organisational performance. This is illustrated below:


The Clariact EQ Intervention combines methodologies such as the diagnostic Organic ScoreCard© (OSC), narrative therapy, transactional analysis, personality tests, contextual therapy and imago therapy. The skills and tools are aimed at deepening the competency levels and professional efficiency of individuals and groups. The Clariact process is aimed at assisting people to:

  • Become aware of where they spend their conscious and unconscious energy
  • Become aware of their own behaviour
  • Shift their consciousness, leading to new behavior
  • Manage themselves and others from a deep awareness
  • Function effectively, as individuals as well as team players (family, work, society)
  • Aquire new skills to manage life, work and home more consciously and effectively.

The core process of the Clariact EQ Intervention takes three to six months. The ideal is for Clariact to come in as early as possible in the process of shifting to an Agile framework.

Follow-up and measuring

Clariact’s training is personalised and interactive, and based on adult-learning principles. The core process of the Clariact EQ Intervention takes three to six months. The ideal is for Clariact to come in as early as possible in the process of shifting to Agile methodologies or to any new environment. The growth journey of individuals can be evaluated with an annual Organic ScoreCard© assessment, which will immediately show up areas of growth and areas requiring support.

Click here to see more about the Clariact EQ Intervention.


The Clariact EQ Intervention is aimed at:

  • Creating high-performance teams with significantly higher outputs
  • Facilitating personal and professional growth
  • Creating flexible work environments conducive to growth and achievement
  • Reducing staff turnover
  • Increasing sustainable company performance.
Who are our typical clients?

Clariact provides the Clariact EQ Intervention combined with training and workshops (on Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, Conflict Management, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership Development, etc.), team-building sessions and coaching to clients in various industries:

  • IT sector: the software development units of companies in various industries
  • Construction industry: various companies
  • Financial services: various companies
  • Automotive industry: various companies
  • Energy industry: various companies
  • Retail industry: various companies
  • Agricultural and garden landscaping industries: various companies
  • Government departments: various departments
  • Start-ups: transitioning from an entrepreneurial to a structured management phase
  • Family businesses: in various industries.

Elsa Simpson is a qualified trainer of Organic ScoreCard© coaches. She trained in South Africa and in the Netherlands. Organic ScoreCard© training enables coaches to use the Organic ScoreCard© to:

  • Do individual and group assessments using the Organic ScoreCard© to obtain insight based on the inner drive of people rather than on their acquired and controlled behaviour
  • Interpret Organic ScoreCard© outcomes
  • Supervise and coach professional people in the HR and other helping professions
  • Facilitate individual growth and development
  • Facilitate leadership development
  • Facilitate team and organisational development
  • Facilitate change management.

Elsa Simpson offers individual coaching sessions to people who want to explore growth on a personal level. The main themes are growth in assertiveness, coping in relationships, emotional intelligence for leaders, managing change and transitions. The Organic ScoreCard© is often used as a diagnostic tool in this regard.


Elsa Simpson offers individual counselling for individuals and couples. The Organic ScoreCard© is often used as a diagnostic tool.


Clariact provides on-site counselling services as part of the Employee Assistance Programmes of various companies. The Organic ScoreCard© is often also used as a wellness tool in this context.


Clariact offers customised workshops such as the following:

  • Interpersonal Relationships and Wellbeing Workshops: For couples, colleagues and groups
  • Personal Growth Workshops: Understanding my gifts and shadows (Organic ScoreCard©), Deeper understanding of relationships, Conflict management (theory and practice), and How to strike the balance (burn-out and stress management)
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